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Date: 2018-02-17 14:39

I dunno man I only half agree some of the pua 8767 s are sort of scammy, but some legitmatly believe in their skills, and trust when I say just 8766 believing something 8767 does make shit happen dude I 8767 ve been nearly homless and with 8766 game 8767 skills could still snag hotties most guys would never bother with because they think they are 8766 out of their league 8767 or 8766 unobtainable 8767 the shit your suggesting 8775 looks / money / power / connections 8776 etc all might help to lock her down and entice her to stay, but if you can 8767 t create that scent of 8766 seduction 8767 (for lack of a better word) between you and her none of it matters. Pua 8767 s may be a by-product of a feminist-centric culture and originally fueled by feminism, BUT men knowing 8766 game 8767 and how to 8766 seduce 8767 will literally ALWAYS be effective and will ALWAYS be worth listening to regardless of the shape or form it comes in. Man 8766 game 8767 can literally be life changing because it opens your eyes to literally every social interacton whether that be films, tv, music, public, personal, or otherwise don 8767 t get me wrong, some of the shit that got paraded around in the past was pretty beta, but you gotta applaud men who have really pushed the limits I generally don 8767 t agree with RSD because they seem like they 8767 de all be fine with society being just one big fuckin orgy, but my hats off to them for showing what 8766 real 8767 game looks like some of the shit they do is on the eccentric side, but some of it is dead on I would say about 55% of their stuff takes into account the true nature of women while the other half amps up social aspects and isn 8767 t reality and is mostly just then theres guys like David D who back in the day I gotta say man, some of his stuff was pretty spot on.
Overall though what men need to really truly understand from all of this post-pua shit is that using 8766 game 8767 or seduction in my opinion should be carefully utilized. The modern consensus in the 8766 pua 8767 community or I would say the rsd 8766 community 8767 is that you should 8767 embody 8767 game for basicaly any social interaction (picking up girls or job interviews or otherwise) but to me this is highly flawed not to get all into that shit, but I would simply say that game and seduction does and will always work but should be used sparingly on ONLY girls you ACTUALLY give a fuck about NOT EVERY FUCKIN GIRL. GAME and pua and rsd shit is backfiring because EVERY fuckin dude is doing it to EVERY fuckin girl man the guys that actually want to do real legit seduction and be natural and normal and do that shit right are having an even harder time. DONT get me wrong ok, I totally understand EVERY dude needs to 8766 know 8767 game BUT that being said NOT every dude NEEDS to try to GAME EVERY FUCKIN GIRL its gotten pretty noticably bad just in the area where I live, I can 8767 t imagine bigger cities. I applaud men for cold approaching and shit ok, men NEED to approach and be SOCIAL but BEING social DOES NOT mean YOU HAVE TO GAME AND 8766 SEDUCE 8767 her the two things are totally separate types of interactions. HOW THIE FUCK THIS HAS GOTTEN OVERLOOKED IS MIND FUCKIN BLOWING. Seriously if your a noobie to game or some shit, just work on being social, YOULL GET LAID eventually dude, don 8767 t stress the fuck out over it but work on being a normal fuckin human being first game ten years ago FOCUSED much more on THAT aspect also David D had shit on just basic human behavior MOST men barely know how to say fuckin hi to a stranger FORGET 8766 SEDUCTION 8767 and seducing her leave that shit to the dudes who wanna get arrested in shopping malls. I have no problem with men wanting to learn game, but maybe find an 8766 alpha 8767 chad and learn from him if possible first. Seduction is just SECONDARY and the icing on the cake for when you isolate and have the girl all to yourself what girls AND other men just from a normal human point of view what they, we, and us care about more is that you simply know how to fuckin talk to people and be fuckin normal and know how to have a conversation and don 8767 t look like a fuckin gangbanger / homeless motherfucker but have some decent self dignity and standards for yourself. If you can carry a conversation with anyone the pussy will come, but 8766 seduction 8767 is meant for you and your girl, its not meant for EVERY fuckin random ass hoe you come across. For fucks sake what the fuck is wrong with some of this rsd bullshit. Maybe I 8767 m not one to talk cuse I 8767 ve 8766 gamed 8767 tons of bitches randomly, but looking back onit its not the ideal way to do shit, not at all, its ass backwards. Seduction is for later, learn how to be a normal fucker first and youll go places. All this shit about needing money, status, power is also for later down the road MUCH later . if you wanna be the girls husband / provider. Goodluck out their comrades.

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PUA 8767 s are a by-product of liberal/ 8767 progressive 8767 culture. Think of MTV literally all during the 95 8767 s and into the early 55 8767 s dating shows aired on MTV around the clock 79/7. The 8766 hook-up culture 8767 was largely created by MTV. PUA 8767 s were REWARDED early on because they were the fire which fueled the degeneracy. And not to mention being a 8766 pua 8767 was sort of the height of clown game . it was entertaining. The media will exploit anything to make a buck, and 8766 gaming 8767 girls + sex was the height of it. No one really started to care until the media caught on that men were actually serious about game and using the skills to legitimately game out girls. In a roundabout way the feminist and liberal cucks actually created PUA 8767 s. Essentially media is and will probably always be women-centric / and or oriented towards the feminine. This means that when women on a whole 8766 feel 8767 a certain way the media will reflect those feelings. Every bitch now is #meetoo crazy because within the last 65, 65, 75 years they 8767 ve overly sexualized and hyperextended themselves to such an extent that they have a backlash towards being 8766 sluts 8767 in other words there 8767 s such a large amount of slutty girls who in the early 95 8767 s and up into the 55 8767 s embraced their slut behavior that NOW on a whole they are backlashing against pua 8767 s. This can be seen on an individual level with a girl whose had so much sex that pretty much any 8766 pickup 8767 intent will result in her crying 8766 *censored* 8767 because she has a wall up and is guarded against being labeled a 8766 slut 8767 point is that society in the 95 8767 s and early 55 8767 s girls didn 8767 t have the same guarded attitude towards pickup because they embraced and LOVED the attention. The media catered to this and made tons of shows on dating and MTV and VH6 played that shit 79/7 and girls ate it up, but now that the novelty is gone and the VAST majority of girls have already gotten laid most girls are guarding against 8766 slut 8767 behavior and so the media is a reflection of that. I believe this is a main reason why LOTS of girls are VERY VERY difficult to legitimately game nowadays the VAST majority have already been spoon-fed sex and dating for the last 7 decades straight and most are no longer virgins and so the vast majority are guarding against pua 8766 gaming 8767 women reflect back each other 8767 s behavior 8767 s the media is also a third reflection more or less. Anyway this was the shit I grew up watching and was on MTV literally 79/7. The feminists and 8766 progressive 8767 liberals helped to MAKE the pua 8766 community 8767 ironic eh?

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